Saturday, May 21, 2011

Concept Work For Stardust

Here is pretty much all of the design work that went into this girl. It's for my advanced concept design class. We took an existing story and basically made concept art for it as if it was to be made into an animated movie.

So I finally started to work on her again. for this I just fixed the hair based on our critique a few weeks back. What do you guys think? I did the hair, and I started going over the edges in some texture.

Here's more sketches. There were the ones leading up to the design I started painting.
So here is another update of the painting. still working hard on it. Is anything sticking out that I should address? Also, I changed the bg color, I think it works better now.

Here is another update to the update. Cassandra helped me out with her pose. It was a simple fix, but I think its working a lot better.

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  1. these are fun concept sketches :) I like the early sketches where you're figuring out style and proportion.