Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11.10.10 N.Morana

Finally got a hairdryer. How have a I managed to go this long using watercolor with out it.


  1. Lovely! I think the background could have used just a little more blending, maybe with some more wet-on-wet? But really nice control on the figure.

  2. Cool, yeah I'll try and work that in some more. I keep trying to try new things every time I do one of these little studies, but I feel like they always come out the same. Bleh. Also; I am having the dangdest time trying to get a skin color I like. maybe I should do these damn swatches Lee has been talking about.

  3. Yeah, I also have the hardest time with skin tone! I'm buying 1/4" tape tomorrow, spending a good chunk of tomorrow night doing a few of those swatches. I have a feeling they'll help a lot.